Vimdrones Designer New Function Release! Auto Resign Lock Selected

We release a new function of Vimdrones Designer - Auto Resign Lock Selected. This enables partial object locking when paths are Auto assigned.

Video Link:


  1. Copy from the current formation

  2. Please select the empties of New Formation that you don't want to move. Click the Lock Selected button.

     💡 Tips:

    Click the window and cancel the selected. Click the Show selected Items for check.

    Select the empties that you don't want to Lock, please click the Clear Lock button.


  3. Then in the Vertex Formation, click Append button. Only the vertex without lock will make the transfer.

  4. Finish the transfer of the Begin and Append the drones in the New Formation

 💡 Tips:

The empties number without lock should be the same as the assign vertex number of the new material object(s).